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About Us

Our Story

Engineered Agency is a Digital Marketing Agency founded by Chris Justin. Chris has been providing digital marketing services to a variety of clients since 2015, when he quit his six-figure chemical engineering job to help clean energy companies grow.

He quickly saw an opportunity to help reduce customer acquisition costs for solar installers, and learned everything he could about digital marketing. He then leveraged those skills in numerous other industries and found a passion for helping Marketing Managers achieve their digital marketing goals.

Fast forward to today…

Chris and his team have helped clients in industries including

– residential and commercial solar installation
– high-end jewelry
– audiovisual event production
– dating coaching
– vocal and music instruction
– swimming technology
– fiction writing
– private aviation
– luxury landscaping
– commercial real estate investing
– home-based medical care

The future is bright for Engineered Agency. They have developed several fulfilling, long-term client relationships and are looking to hire a Marketing Operations Manager to help us grow.

Chris also co-hosted Run With It, a podcast that brings listeners new business ideas from successful entrepreneurs, and runs Solariety, a residential solar marketing firm.

Why we are different

The inspiration for our name came from the six years Chris spent working at a Shell oil refinery as a Professional Chemical Engineer. Though he wasn’t excited to help the oil and gas industry, Chris learned a few things that inform the culture of Engineered Agency.

Democratize Data

Organizations work better when everyone can see what’s going on. By sharing the good, bad, and ugly, people make better decisions more quickly.

How does this help you?

We don’t sugar coat results. If something isn’t working, we’ll tell you.

Minimize Waste

Shell and many other companies advocate lean manufacturing (originally pioneered by Toyota in 1930). Lean operations maximize productivity with minimal waste.

How does this help you?

We treat your marketing budget like our own money. If we think a particular strategy won’t work well for you, we’ll advise against it. If there’s a more efficient way of doing something, we’ll recommend (and implement) it.

Effort Is Nice, But Results Matter

Chris started in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Shell was experiencing massive layoffs and restructuring the entire organization. The employees that made it were ones who contributed to the bottom line.

How does this help you?

We continually focus on the results that matter most to you. Whether it’s phone calls, customers, or anything in between, we align everything we do to get you those results.

Super Efficient

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Deeply Commited

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Highly Skilled

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